Kigali Sanitation Limited was started by Jean Claude Ntakirutimana, a social entrepreneur, in the year 2012 in Kigali city, Rwanda. As a trained sociologist and a rural consultant, he understood the importance of hygiene and clean environment for sustainable development in Rwanda. With increasing growth and infrastructure, Rwanda needed a methodical and inclusive approach to waste management. Jean Claude thus started Kigali Sanitation with main motivation to improve the sanitation and waste management situation in Kigali and whole of Rwanda through business thinking.


It started with waste collection and waste transportation activities using lorries. Over time, Kigali Sanitation started working with Gasabo district and has been developing relationship with other districts of Kigali city as well. With time, Kigali Sanitation started providing waste management services to not only households but also to businesses and public and private institutions of Gasabo district.

From humble beginnings, within 2 years of starting we have managed to establish a business venture doing minimum 9000 collections in Kigali. Further, we also developed recycling programs and technical programs around hygiene, waste management and environmental protection.

We aim to develop further waste management services and projects in this area.