We strongly believe in collaboration. We believe that only through collaborative efforts can we solve problems of environment, waste management, sustainable development.

We are currently seeking partnership for some of our key projects. Please check our Projects page for more details.

We believe in win-win solutions and our aim is to sustainably create value  for everyone.

Grow Movement, UK

Grow Movement is a UK based organization with highly qualified consultant network. Grow Movement has been instrumental in advisory during start up and accelerating development of Kigali Sanitation.

We cherish our long standing partnership with Grow Movement!


Closing the Loop, The Netherlands

Closing the Loop is an organization which has been working towards recycling of computers and phones for several years. We have been partnering with Closing the Loop for our E-waste project and this partnership has been instrumental in jumpstarting our foray into electronic waste management!


Ministry of Commerce and Trade (MINICOM), Rwanda

RRECPC / MINICOM are implementing a national e-waste management / strategy project in Rwanda. This project is mainly funded by FONERWA. Kigali Sanitation is embarking on a pilot project around E-waste to computer refurbishment for selling at affordable prices in rural areas etc.Kigali sanitation’s project is in-line and not in contradiction or duplication of RRECPC / MINICOM project. Due to MINICOM / RRECPC’s larger E-waste project, Kigali Sanitation will certainly benefit from knowledge and resources developed at MINICOM / RRECPC.

Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), Rwanda

To achieve its objectives, REMA works with and through public, private sector and civil societies. In this way, Kigali Sanitation Ltd benefits operational links through REMA in order to cope with various challenges related to environmental management. Specifically, REMA issued for us  notification documents for transboundary movements based on Basel Conventions. We also benefit their advices and guidance so that all our activities be accomplished in environmental friendly manner.

Kigali City, Rwanda

Kigali City is expanding and put more emphasis on hygiene and cleanness. In this regard,Kigali Sanitation is among stakeholders for implementing the city strategy on sanitation and promotion of hygiene. Kigali Sanitation signed MoUs with municipalities of GASABO and NYARUGENGE Districts of Kigali city related to general rubbishes collection and transportation since 2012.