For our current and prospective clients:

  • The Service begins after the signing of contract and is done on a door to door collection system with a minimum of one collection per month.
  •  Clients must sort their waste into 3 categories: Comply with our  simple waste separation guide.

Our Simple Waste Separation guide:

  • GREEN BIN/BAG (for Organics),
  • BLACK BIN/BAG (for Rubbish: the rest)
  • BLUE BIN/BAG (for Recyclables: Plastic, Metal, Glass bottles, Paper and carton),

Sorting advantage

SAS: Sort And Save: standard price plus fully free service for blue bins/bags

Non sorting risk :

MAF:  Mix And Fine: Double price.


Client has to make choices:

  • For the volume and number of bin(s) to be collected (240Lt, 120Lt or 60Lt),
  • How to get the waste bags (Home bag delivery or self bag purchase),
  • How to receive the invoice (E-Billing or Home bill delivery),
  • When to pay the invoice (Pre-Paid or Post paid with additional 20%)