We started our journey by providing waste collection and transportation services in Kigali city. Since then we have developed experience and expertise in different areas of waste management – not just in regular waste collection and transportation but also in managing electronic waste (including logistics), waste management consulting services and also education for propagating the knowledge that we have developed over the years. We have developed fruitful international partnerships and created win-win situation for benefit of environment and society and all partners involved.

Kigali Sanitation is your solid and trustworthy partner for waste management.

Our Services include:

  • Regular waste collection and transportation
  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste) management
  • Providing technical and consulting services related to hygiene, environmental protection and waste management
  • Waste management and environment education services for women, youth and school programs
  • Developing new waste management projects

Inquiries from private residences, commercial buildings, Government and non-governmental institutions, industries and medical facilities are very welcome.

Lets work together to make a clean, thriving and sustainable environment for our society and our earth.