Jean Claude Ntakirutimana

Jean Claude Ntakirutimana, a social entrepreneur started Kigali Sanitation in the year 2012 in Kigali city, Rwanda.  Since the start, he has seen Kigali Sanitation grow every year and make a significant impact in the hygiene and sanitation situation in Kigali through waste management processes. He is a trained sociologist and a rural consultant.

Wouter Verster

Wouter is an experienced finance professional with focus on projects around CSR. He has worked as vice President of Renewable Energy Financing with Rabobank International, Director of Citibank and Advisor to ASN Bank. He brings extensive financial expertise to Kigali Sanitation, focuses on business modelling towards ensuring sustainable growth of Kigali Sanitation.

Himanshu Ardawatia

Himanshu Ardawatia has several years of experience in field of environment, sustainability and sustainable development. He focuses on sustainable business growth and focuses on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), business modelling, knowledge management and IT aspects of Kigali Sanitation to ensure that Kigali Sanitation grows sustainably ensuring positive impact of business on all stakeholders, environment and society while generating new business.